Friday, February 24, 2006

The Future of Music!!!

Kinetic Global (A Division Of Kinetic Marketing
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Kinetic Global was founded on the needs and ideas of the recording industry to fully tap into and expose new undeveloped talent. We offer only the best services to help your project become the great success you expect it to be.

What We Do:
First and foremost we offer a competitive analysis to the client which includes a full breakdown of industry standard project structure and consulting. We help direct you in the direction of retail outlets would best be suited to carry your project and stimulate more consumer awareness in your region. We also supply the client with assistance in gaining radio adds and spins without wasting valuable time and product on non-responsive stations. Lastly, with our growing relationship with venues, radio stations and press outlets all catering to numerous styles and formats, we at Kinetic Global can also assist all aspects of marketing including. This includes tour support, listening event planning and various video outlets to break videos before you attack bigger markets. You supply the promotional items and we’ll assist you in the rest.

Handle overseas projects for import/export marketing and national/regional distribution in various U.S. markets and outlets depending on project.

Albums, singles, voiceovers, commercials, project mixing, music production, songwriting, remixing, booking, project consultants, management, career partnerships (endorsements/sponsorshipps, etc.) and more.

With radio being a strong outlet and introduction tool in any genre, we provide a network to over 45 college and commercial stations. We also maintain various community stations.

Four Target Markets:
1. College 2. Community 3. Commercial 4. Online

Major Objectives:
1. Airplay (Mix Shows, Mix Tapes, Adds/Spins, Multi-Formats) 2. Information (Feedback Data, D.J. Response, Caller Ratings)
3. Maintenance (Airplay Monitoring, Chart Positioning, Street Teams and more)

With groups on tour, we offer a steady stream of tour support for up-coming or already available projects. This can include posters, fliers, sticker placement and more. Our relationships with over 59 retail outlets can provide the client with updated information in regards to unit movement and point of purchase displays.

Record reviews and artist features are usually hard to accomplish, but with direct lines to 42 daily newspapers, 24 college papers, 18 weekly and bi-weekly publications, we can assist you in developing your artist in this southern region and provide the launch pad for worldwide visibility.

Now you no longer need per city reps.With Kinetic Global as your one-stop artist/label development force in Texas. Kinetic Global handles all of these services under one roof while building your presence in this region. We have more services so,
This Is Just The Beginning.
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