Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tee Double review in Insite Magazine!!

INsite Magazine • February 2006 • PG 32
TEE DOUBLE: The Growth
The Growth
When something is good, it doesn’t matter what genre
you are in, it’s good. This is what hit me when I
popped Austin,Texas hip-hop artist Tee Double’s The Growth into
my CD player.
The album, which makes eleven by this local
emcee, pair equal parts, soul music, jazz, and
hip-hop beats. Tee Double has a very smooth
delivery, the likes of Snoop Dogg or Usher.
The ten tracks have a groove to them that is
easy to listen to, not too much bass and Tee
Double doesn’t throw an x-rated phrase into the
mix to get his point across.
“Walk Slowly” is a fast-paced track that gets
your head nodding. The slow-paced “Love
Interest” is well done without descending into the
dreaded rapper-tries-a-love-song cheesyness. The
funky “Vocal Laps” is a lyrical tribute to the
Austin.. or the ATX.
Tee Double gets political with the “Part of the
Plan” where he touches on the need for a community
to stand up for themselves and live life as an
example. “A role model not playing a role. Just
living my life right trying to save my soul.”
The album ends with the live track “Feel The
Vibe.” If this is a sample of what a Tee Double live
show may be like, I need to get out to one.
I admit, I hadn’t heard of Tee Double before this
CD crossed my desk and if you’ve not heard of
him, do yourself a favor and check this performer
out live or on CD— A (SC)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Years of Ambition.

TEE DOUBLE: The Growth

The Fresh Air Hip Hop Music Needed!!
From his first album appearance in 1993, Terrany ”Tee Double” Johnson has blurred the distinctions commonly associated with ,entrepreneurs, songwriters, producers, and poets. Armed with a freestyle grace that can only be witnessed in person, he has let his lyrics flow, defined with bass lines that have given them power to shape a community. An Austin-born emcee, producer and promoter, Terrany has released 11 independent albums, spanning more than a decade of Texas hip-hop's history. In 2004, Tee Double joined MumboJumbo Entertainment for the release of his 10th album, The Lone Star L.P. After years of recording and performing, created Kinetic Marketing with fellow visionaries Dana Thompson and James Truitt in hopes of promoting major label acts in the Southern region of the U.S. The newly created company opened up opportunities for other hip-hop artists in the region. Terrany also has worked as the National Urban Hip-Hop Coordinator for SXSW, a yearly conference and exhibition in Austin highlighting the entertainment industry. The culmination of artistic talent and business knowledge has allowed Terrany the ability to succeed in an otherwise volatile industry. From selling cassette tapes on the drag across the street from the University of Texas for a buck, and recording eleven (11) independent albums to becoming an Advisory Board Member for the Austin Music Foundation and speaking on panels for the Texas Chapter for the Grammy's "Grammys in school program".Recently returning from a U.S. and Canadian wide adventure on The ESPN sponsored Cali-Comm4 45 date tour . Terrany has performed with The Roots, Snoop Dogg ,Jurassic 5,,Mirage, Arson Optics, Young Nick ,The Blues Travelers, Ozomatli, Ivan Neville, Bob Schneider and many more while producing records for some of the worlds freshest underground talent around the globe. Now in 2006 Kinetic Global will release numerous projects in the upcoming year including a live album "BEEN NITRO-The Live Experience" of exclusive tracks including studio sessions, performances and more. For more please, listen to the explosive new album from TEE DOUBLE "The Growth" and hear why this is fast becoming a classic album across the globe. Recently Terrany had his music placed in episodes of “The Roller Girls” a series on the A&E channel filmed in Austin,Tx. Bringing his dynamic energy to the weekly BoomBox performance at The Lucky Lounge in downtown Austin was a step in showing his diverse skills as an artist and producer, arranger of a live band. Sadly no longer playing with BoomBox as the demands of producing, recording, touring and running his company Kinetic Global is time consuming but worth every second. Terrany has proven once again that hard work, dedication, and believing in one's self, anything can be achieved.
Thus transforming a dream into the new Kinetic Global Operations based in
The Music Capital of the World Austin, Texas!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tee Double Speaks on Music Industry Panel!!

A must SHow Event for All Hip Hop Artist/DeeJays,Producers and Fans!!
Check the story!!