Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tee Double review in Insite Magazine!!

INsite Magazine • February 2006 • PG 32
TEE DOUBLE: The Growth
The Growth
When something is good, it doesn’t matter what genre
you are in, it’s good. This is what hit me when I
popped Austin,Texas hip-hop artist Tee Double’s The Growth into
my CD player.
The album, which makes eleven by this local
emcee, pair equal parts, soul music, jazz, and
hip-hop beats. Tee Double has a very smooth
delivery, the likes of Snoop Dogg or Usher.
The ten tracks have a groove to them that is
easy to listen to, not too much bass and Tee
Double doesn’t throw an x-rated phrase into the
mix to get his point across.
“Walk Slowly” is a fast-paced track that gets
your head nodding. The slow-paced “Love
Interest” is well done without descending into the
dreaded rapper-tries-a-love-song cheesyness. The
funky “Vocal Laps” is a lyrical tribute to the
Austin.. or the ATX.
Tee Double gets political with the “Part of the
Plan” where he touches on the need for a community
to stand up for themselves and live life as an
example. “A role model not playing a role. Just
living my life right trying to save my soul.”
The album ends with the live track “Feel The
Vibe.” If this is a sample of what a Tee Double live
show may be like, I need to get out to one.
I admit, I hadn’t heard of Tee Double before this
CD crossed my desk and if you’ve not heard of
him, do yourself a favor and check this performer
out live or on CD— A (SC)